Floor mats, carpets, Restauration and replica parts for your young and classic cars, motorhomes and caravans, trucks and boats as well as chain service and custom-made products 

We manufacture:
Vehicle & Camping Floor Mats
Vehicle & Camping Carpets
Aluminum pick guard
Leather heel guard labeled
Leather label labeled
Doormat labeling with enclosed plastic letters
Replica spare parts for youngtimers and classic cars
Replica spare parts for Subaru Libero, Subaru Sambar, Subaru Domingo, Subaru Sumo, Subaru Vanilla

We are experienced, reliable and focused on good results and value working with great customers who want to preserve and improve their treasure and promote sustainability.
We also specialize in the following areas:

  • Restoration and preservation of old vehicle parts 
  • Construction of new parts based on old models
  • Chaining service for floor coverings

Our actual project Subaru Libero E12

Everyone starts small - just like us. Together, step by step, we turn a shared vision into something big. We are proud to have found a solution for every problem on this Subaru Libero E12. This small space miracle is year of construction 1993 and was bought by us for 320 €. 
The condition was generally not quite as catastrophic as it appeared at first glance. (Pictures and videos of the rebuild can be found on Facebook. To do so, please click on the button below).
In the course of rebuilding all components of the vehicle, the problems were taken care of at the same time as solutions were sought. 
This has led to the growth of our portfolio of solutions and newly developed as well as improved spare parts.
We would like to share these experiences and parts with you!

Old parts rescue

Especially with old vehicle parts, which are constantly exposed to the weather and for which you can hardly get spare parts or new parts, a high degree of creativity, knowledge, skill, technology and research is required.
By cooperating with other companies specialized in different fields, we have the possibility to dispose of different manufacturing possibilities.
The search for spare parts often turns out to be an obstacle and very time-consuming. Here we can usually use our worldwide contacts very successfully.
Once we have taken stock of the old part, procured the necessary spare parts and have them in front of us, the old parts are disassembled, cleaned, repaired, optically upgraded and reassembled. Videos on this can be found on YouTube.
(Please click on the button below).

For inquiries please use the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Spare parts procurement

A good supply of spare parts is always crucial to maintaining any vehicle.
However, for some vehicles the supply comes to a standstill the older they get.
From this moment on it becomes more and more difficult to get some needed part and to keep the vehicle in a good condition.
For our search we exhaust all our possibilities and do not give up before we have it sometime for our customer in our hands.
For inquiries please use the contact form at the bottom of the page! 

Sale of refurbished old parts

We have parts in stock for sale. They are offered here in the store, on Ebay and on Ebay classifieds at a fixed price.
Payment is either via Paypal or in advance by bank transfer.
The buyer bears the shipping on purchase and any return within 14 days and undamaged Wahre.

For refurbished used parts applies:
Old against new! You send us your old part, transfer the price for the reconditioned part and get, after checking the contents of your sent package, your newly reconditioned spare part.
Alternatively, you can pay a deposit and send us your old part at a later date.
Of course you will get your deposit back after receiving and checking the parts for missing components!
We are also happy to overhaul your old part, but this may take some time depending on the order situation and component availability!
For us the sustainability and the preservation of the still existing parts is in the foreground!

Upgrades and upgrading

We have the possibility to produce demanded and rare spare parts in a higher and stainless quality. The price here is based on the quantity that can probably be sold. Nevertheless, for this we need a sample that we can scan, process and produce. By doing this, you and also we are helping the community to solve a parts sourcing problem and increase sustainability. 
Because the preservation of any vehicle can fail because of a spare part!

Small part production in plastic with upgrade

Often plastic parts, like here the roof system of the Subaru Libero E12, become brittle and fragile over the years from UV radiation.
Unfortunately, these parts are often no longer available new. Even used, in a usable condition, they are becoming increasingly rare.
Therefore we redraw the parts, reinforce and produce them in different UV stable materials.

For inquiries please use the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Technical components

We are always looking for solutions and often very quickly with great success.
If, for example, valves are no longer available and even used ones are not an option, you quickly reach your limits. But there is often the solution of a custom-made product. This does not necessarily always have to exceed the price range.
The problem with many parts is that often different materials and treatments have to be combined, so from that moment on the solution becomes more difficult.
We work together with some special companies that help us to use all possibilities and to give the young- as well as oldtimer scene a gain of parts.

Assistance and support

We would like to stand by you, no matter what the problem, so you can contact us at any time to talk shop with us about your issue. I am sure that we will find a good solution for and together with you.

For inquiries please use the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Shipping and purchase

If you are interested in our products, please contact us to discuss the exact products, works, cost and shipping details! The purchase transaction is only via email. Payments are only accepted via Paypal (NOT to friends). The buyer is responsible for any Paypal fees!
We ship within Europe and to non-European countries, with some exceptions. 
(Cost and risk transfer to carrier - FCA)

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